What women really want?

What men really want we understand it quite well. In general, their sexual desire is consistent, orderly, and narrowly directed. A heterosexual man is always heterosexual. If you show him heterosexual sex, his subjective and sexual physiology, reported desire to rise in tandem. Homosexual sex will make him cold both emotionally and physically. For men there is an excellent match between their physiological arousal and level of their reported desire. Viagra’s success simply demonstrates the male mechanism. Viagra doesn’t target on desire, but works by genital increasing blood flow, allowing for erection to occur. This is apparently all that is needed. As the penis rises, desire is also rise to its trend. Women’s story is different. According to the female body studies it shows that they likes everything, or at least responds to everything. In female physiological arousal (as measured by vaginal lubrication) occurs in response to viewing most any type of sexual activity: woman with woman, man with woman or man with man. Even watching sex among the Bonobo monkeys stimulates physiological arousal in women.

Someone once said “to generalize on women is dangerous. To specialize on them is infinitely worse”. But still women remain an unanswered question across globe. However, men need not lose hope for all is not lost. There are still a good numbers of things that women like. Here are the few technique which can perhaps help you make her fall in love with you.

  • Smell good: Women are somewhat addicted to deodorants. Choose a deo that suits you the most. Especially if it is your first date.
  • Surprises galore: Women love surprises like chocolates, gifts, love notes or even flowers bouquet. You are sure to score great points with this one!
  • Perfect body: Girls are to gag a over a men with a well-toned body and obsessed with a six pack or eight pack abs. So, getting into a regular workout can make heads turn!
  • Transparency: And the most important is honesty that why honesty is still the best policy. Never lie to her of you are thinking for a long-term relationship and this will also leads your relationship to a greater higher position of perfect bonding.
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