Sexual Health for Couples

Sexual health is a state of physical and mental as well as social well-being in respect to your sexuality which requires a respectful and positive approach towards your sexuality without any discrimination or violence. Did you ever think that practicing safe sex takes the joy out of having sex? Well its unlikely so. Having safe sex doesn’t only gives you all the pleasure of having sex but it reduces the risk of contamination of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) such as syphilis and even AIDS. Sexual health is a key element of a person’s day to day life. When people think about Sexual health they trend to assume that it is all about sensually transmitted diseases and sexual dysfunctions. Well they are definitely part of Sexual health but there is much more than that. Sexual health is about pleasure, safety and mutual respect. If you are sexually active then make sure that you visit the doctor regularly to get Sexual health checkups. As uncomfortable these checkups might be its really important answering any question honestly. Tests could be performed with your permission, a health practitioner might also examine your external gentile for signs of any infections, ask you to provide urine sample or blood test and for female they might perform a vaginal examination. Getting answers is very important, if you have questions regarding your sexual health, feel free to talk openly to your doctor. If you feel really uncomfortable with the practitioner then you might consider to see someone else.

For those couples who want to know how to get back their sexual arousal and activity level that they have experienced in their 20′ and 30’s. Instead of seeing the doctor at first you should find way to optimize body’s response to sexual experience now and try asking yourself what’s causing the problem. You can try consulting experts regarding this matter. But it’s always good to see the doctor for helpful suggestions.

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