How to make a woman squirt

How to make a woman squirt? It’s an age old question. Give your woman a squirting orgasm and she will be sure to love you forever. In this article I will teach you how to make your woman squirt. If you are a guy and you are sexually active then I am pretty sure this question has crossed your mind a several times. Well it’s not that hard you know. It’s a very simple procedure that you can try out to make your woman squirt.

1. Prepare your woman for the thing and make sure that you as well as your partner are well hydrated.

2. Make sure that she is relaxed and comfortable.

3. First give her an orgasm that would serve as an ice breaker and make both of you more comfortable.

4. Get her vagina wet and lubricated to avoid any pain or friction.

5. After the foreplay it’s time to wake up the G-Spot. The G-spot is located 1 to 2 inches inside your woman’s vagina along the front wall. At rest the G-Spot will be more or less flat but however as the woman becomes aroused the G-Spot will be much easier to find. So lots of foreplay is advice for the G-Spot stimulation.

6. Now since we have found the G-Spot let’s look forward how to make your woman squirt. With your woman lying on her back insert your inside the vagina about 2 inches and press up her front wall. Feel the slightly wrinkled area? That is her G-Spot. Start stroking the area with firm pressure.

7. As you continue to do it you will notice that the G-Spot swell and your woman will start the sensation of needing to pee which is actually a good sign that she is a natural squinter.

8. Tell your woman to relax and ask her when her sensation is at its peak and push out your finger.

9. You should find her ejaculate. Bravo you just made her squirt.

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