How to Last Longer on Bed

Do you want to know the secret how you can last longer on bed? Do your sex never lasts longer than a minute if so there is no reason to be ashamed about it because it’s a common problem among many men who are disappointed just like you are. Well In this article I will share a few tips how you can last longer on bed.

Well it is a known fact that women takes more time for arousal as compared to men and ten minutes is quite common among women to get aroused before they get onto the intercourse part. So it seems quite difficult for you to last that long on bed? Here are a few tips.

1. you should go about it slow and steady, don’t rush into it. Rather be more involved into love making than actual sex. Too much thrusting the initial part won’t help you certainly.

2. Keep your penis deeper into the vagina which won’t cause the ejaculation as compared to the few 2-3 inches from the outside.

3. If you are getting overheated during having sex stop and squeeze right bellow the head of your penis by focusing the pressure on your partner’s urethra. What this will do is that, it will push blood out off your penis which would delay your ejaculation

4. Let her get on to, so your penis will be less stimulated.

5. Stop thinking of orgasm because the part of your brain that deals with the pleasures of having orgasm won’t be stimulated to that extent if you don’t think about it.

6. Breathing is an essential part of intercourse. However flawed way of breathing will result in you to ejaculate faster. You need to control your breathing by steadily inhaling and exhaling which would help to lower your heart rate and would delay your ejaculation.

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