Do pheromones actually work?

Perfumes with pheromones are the new trend set by cosmetics creators and the world is still distrustful, but also very curious to test the effect of these products on the opposite sex, especially as manufacturers guarantee for both their success and to practically effects on the health of the human body.


Pheromones not actually smell. Cosmetics creators preferred to add perfume in order to increase the credibility of their products, so consumers may apply them like any other cosmetic product. Our own body develops, in some cases, increased amounts of pheromones, and if we add perfumes to them, the effect is said to be stronger and longer-lasting.


Naturally, pheromones are useful to help both men and women to find their better half.  Since a number of people use strong synthetic substances like shower cream or shampoos that inhibits the production of pheromones creating a cold or frigid behavior, pheromones in cosmetics can compensate by doing the job they should naturally do on our own body.


For many of us, cosmetics pheromones are basically not a necessity because we function correctly and we are able to develop healthy relationships with the opposite sex. But there are more timid people who do not know how to play the scene of seduction, and they can strongly benefit from those pheromones, greatly shortening the downtime of a romantic date.


Such perfumes can be used both by men and by women; there are different variations for each gender. Perfume is usually applied directly to the skin, on your wrists, neck or armpit. In rare cases it can be applied on clothes, if desired, but cosmetic creators advise us to use them directly n our skin for better results. Pheromones can also be combined for a faster effect.


Sometimes you can find unscented pheromone sprays on the market, which are usually more concentrated and are recommended for a long-lasting effect. The efficiency of these products vary from case to case, but many of those who have used them say they do their job even if the intensity increased as they started to want certain people, not just any person of the opposite sex.


Interested parties may also apply to products after they have extra information to both physician and other sources on how to use them. Though, perfumes based on pheromone fragrance have no known usage restrictions, but can still damage people with higher power of suggestion or with various problems of a sexual nature when applied incorrectly.


The price of such cosmetics varies from $10-12 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the manufacturer and on their intensity. Many of those who have used them say that the products work so maybe it’s worth trying especially by people who are controlled by shyness or those who cannot boast much experience in a romantic plan.


But things should not be forced, they must take place as usual, and if the job does not come out right from the start you can try again, changing the application, without surpassing the maximum dose of prospectus that must accompany such products.

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