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All of us probably did or will undergo different changes and development in our body. From a boy to a man, broader shoulders, increase in height, and toner muscles are just few of these developments. And from a girl to a lady, she will have changes also in her body including breast development.


Both men and women have breasts but only women undergo further development. Breast development is the stage where breasts start to change in size and may be in appearance. It has 5 stages and the first stage can be felt as early as 8 years old but varies to all.


And before diving in to the different stages, let us know first the different terms.

  1. Nipple- it is part of the breast where the milk is excreted.
  2. Areola- it is part of the breast that surrounds the nipple in a circular manner. It is a small region that the skin is different in color.


  • 1st stage. It occurs during childhood or before the adolescence. In this stage, only the tips of the nipples are raised. Not too much development can be seen during this stage. The muscles around the nipples are still flat.
  • 2nd stage. It is usually in the pre-puberty stage. The breasts officially develop in this stage. The breasts are starting to bud. Areolas are starting to become larger also. Breast buds are responsible for making the nipple to branch out of the chest.
  • 3rd stage. The breasts continue to develop. Breasts are bigger. Can be felt at the puberty stage, for some girls earlier or later. It can only last for few months but as long as 2 years as well. Nipples and areolas continue to enlarge also.
  • 4th stage. In this stage, the nipple and the areolas are forming their different level of mounds making the nipples raise more. But some girls are not undergoing this stage, some just go directly to stage 5. Some may experience this at their puberty stage but as what I have said, can be later. Eight months to two years is normally the length of this stage.
  • 5th stage. And the final stage, during the adulthood of a lady. The nipples and areolas do not separate in different mounds anymore. In this stage, breasts are fully developed. It can be experienced typically between thirteen and sixteen years old and can be later for some.


These stages experienced are normal for all girls. And for those moms that have children that are about to experience this, you must guide them and talk to them because the feeling might be alien to them at first so you have to give them wise words. They must not be bothered if they have smaller or bigger breasts than the others, it is just but normal.


Having different size of breasts may vary from every girl. It may be because of genes, their ethnic race and so many factors. But having smaller breasts than the other girls must not make you feel insecure, instead focus on the part of your body that you can be proud of. Learn to love your natural self.


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