This is quite a common question that many couple asks that how they could make their relationship last longer. Hereare a few basic tips and mantra that you can follow that would make your relationship last long.
So what is the key to a successful relationship to last long? Here’s how:

1. Spend some quality time with your partner. It is one of the most important factor that is responsible for a successful relationship to last longer.

2. Be respectful towards his/her and with any approach you make.

3. The mantra of “The couple that plays together stays together” is quite true. So find a hobby or sports that you both would love. Outdoor camping could be a great choice for that.

4. Show appreciation for your partner and in return he/she would appreciate you back.

5. Always take a night off without your partner, this would make you miss the opposite other and bring both of you closer.6. Take her out on dinner. This always helps.

7. Communication is the key in a successful relationship. When people stop doing it, they stop relating well with each other. This can bring about discontent for within the significant other. So try communicating early, communicate often.

8. Sex keeps couple happy and satisfied. The more sex you both have it’s more likely for you to be together.

9. A healthy relationship is all about compromising and if you expect to get a lot out of a relationship without any commitment then you are up for disappointment of course. Knowing what’s really important for your partner is the key.

10. Indivudual therapy and couple counselling always helps. Couple counselling is a big time investment of time and energy but it’s worth all of these. It can resolve all the differences that you might be having with your partner.


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